Warning about a new group in Vancouver

vancouver catholic after hours

Please join 100’s of citizens and CatholicTV.ca and TheologyonTap.ca and VancouverCatholic.com by contacting the Vancouver Catholic Diocese and warn them about a group that call themselves “Catholic After Hours”.

Due to Cronyism in the Vancouver Diocese this group is allowed to function in the Vancouver Diocese. In addition the Vancouver Diocese pays for their web costs and allows them to use the official Diocesan web page and advertise on BC Catholic and on Church Bulletins. 

Recently a middle-eastern good citizen who is from a poor neighbourhood from the Downtown Eastside tried to attend one of their events.  

 However Annabelle Chong and Pavel Reid threatened him with police and charges and jail if he attends.  The good citizen in the picture above was perfectly respectable and professional at ALL the Catholic After Hours Events.

However Annabelle Chong and Pavel Reid  threatened him with police and charges.

Annabelle Chong and Pavel Reid
Annabelle Chong and Pavel Reid


Does Annabelle Chong  suffer from a delusion that they she is a priest or a  bishop?

She must think she is a bishop or a priest, because no priest or bishop has supported her conduct when she banned the good citizen in 2013

Is it possible Annabelle Chong is so hostile that the priests and Bishop are afraid of her because of her mean conduct?


We contacted and wrote to clergy to talk to Annabelle Chong and they all refused.  because of the repercussions?

It is a solid fact that Annabelle Chong attacked a very good citizen and slandered and defamed him.

Good thing the PICTURE ABOVE was taken Christmas 2011.  You will see that everyone in the group is happy and friendly. The good citizen circled in the picture is welcome by everyone in the picture.  This was a Catholic After Hours event and the good citizen whom Ms. Chong attacked was helping seniors–everyone in the picture are witnesses.

Another possible explanation is that the good citizen rejected the romantic advances from a few hostile feminists which caused them to retaliate.

Another possible explanation is that when he revealed that he does not support women priests. Annabelle Chong then attacked and threatened him with police.

Another possible explanation is that Annabelle Chong attacked and threatened him with police because the good-citizen is a middle-eatern man.

Another possible explanation is that the hostile feminists are aware that he wants to be a priest:  as a result, they want to stop him because he has pro life and pro family views.

Annabelle Chong is aware that he plans to be a priest.

(Please read the hateful and hostile email the poor man who is a conservative received from one of the leaders of Catholic After Hours.

One email stated that they will call security if the good citizen attends their alcohol drinking event on Sundays. (update: they moved the date thanks to us)

That letter will prove that Catholic After Hours’ is clearly lead by extremists and militant hypocrites)

We are sure that you will agree that the Vancouver Bishop and the clergy would never support the haters’ recent attack on a good citizen.

However the Bishop and the clergy are aware that Vancouver is like Berkley, full of left-wingers and corrupt police, politicians and radicals, so they are afraid to act which is very distressing.

If you see the haters please ask the haters this question: “What incident caused the militants from Catholic After Hours to attack and threaten the good citizen?

That is the most disturbing question–because there was no incident.  You will discover that the accuser is just a hater on a hostile mission to destroy and intimate a good citizen who has angered Annabelle Chong

Another view is that some militant feminists are suffering from the delusion that they are the new clergy. And they can define how the church will run. However, not one priest or clergy supports their attack.

The have succeeded in misleading and deceiving a few in the Vancouver Catholic Diocese. They have also manipulated staff workers at the diocese office which is a clear sign of Cronyism such as Pavel Reid

A few churches are allowing the hater and the attacker to advertise their events because of CRONYISM  Even though that only Catholics who believe in Christ are permitted to receive such privileges.

Please note that we recently called the Vancouver Diocese and the senior staff stated that Catholic After Hours is not approved by the diocese, which means that their is some real wrong doing and misconduct, and again Cronyism.  The staff worker gave us her permission to record her voice. Please listen to the facts here (turn up your volume)

Recorded conversation with Vancouver Catholic Diocese. Please click here now.

In closing. Is it possible that the haters that have organized “Catholic After Hours”  put together this club because they had no friends?

There actions lead us to the opinion that they are SEVERELY UNBALANCED and we ask you to not give them your business.

A balanced person balances love and religion but when one throws love out the window and pretends to be religious then that person is UNBALANCED. And when they attack and hate that makes them unstable and hostile.

Please note that this Catholic After Hours used to meet on the Holy Day Sunday at a very expensive restaurants which no poor person can afford. Which is another reason that they are militant against those who live on the East Side.  They order expensive wine and expensive food which no person from the Downtown Eastside can afford.

What is most shocking is that on Ash Wednesday they organized an event at “Wicked Cafe”.  Remember this was on Ash Wednesday.  Out of all the locations to meet they choose “Wicked Cafe”.

Join us in contacting the bishop and senior clergy and request they ask “Catholic After Hours” to Cease and Desist there misconduct and their militancy and to cease and desist calling themselves Catholic which is against canon law.  Code of Canon Law states that “no undertaking is to claim the name “Catholic” without authorization.

God will bless you if you don’t support their hate and malice and help that good citizen they attacked receive justice.  He has helped 1000’s of homeless and is the owner of BChomeless.com but they have demonized him because he stuck up to their intimidation.

Click here for the contact list

Catholic After Hours

“The harsh reality is that once a witness is shown to be deceptive and inconsistent, the court cannot have faith in complainants”