Theology on Tap November 22 2012 Vancouver BC

Theology on Tap: Purgatory – Can Catholics and Evangelicals Agree?

St. Mark’s Hanrahan Scholar-in-Residence Brett Salkeld will be on hand to discuss his book Can Catholics and Evangelicals Agree about Purgatory and the Last Judgment? (Paulist Press, 2011). Purgatory has been a divisive doctrine in the Churches of the West since the time of the Reformation, in large part because of the role it had come to play in the buying and selling of indulgences that so troubled the conscience of Martin Luther. All the Reformers rejected it as both unscriptural and as derogating fro

m the comprehensive nature of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. But Catholics have maintained the doctrine, highlighting the ancient and constant practice of Christian prayer for the dead and the obvious fact that sanctification is a slow process that is often left incomplete at death. Can these claims be reconciled? Salkeld thinks so! To decide if you agree or disagree, you’ll need to go to the next Theology on Tap. If you’re Catholic, bring an Evangelical friend; if you’re Evangelical, bring a Catholic friend. And let the conversation begin!

November 22nd, 7pm

St. Mark’s College

See you there!