Dear Catholic Pastors and friends of Theology on Tap.  Have you ever wondered why there is a Theology on Tap in almost every city in the world except Vancouver?
Sacred Scripture clearly commands to:

Expose The Works of Darkness To God’s Light. And do not be participating in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather even be exposing them.  For it is shameful even to speak the things being done in secret by them.  Remember all things being exposed by the light become visible

Which is why you are morally obligated to join Theology on Tap Canada in exposing and taking action against the recent hateful attack against a middle eastern partially-blind and low-income man that occurred in the Vancouver Diocese.
Before we begin. let us remember the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer who is famous for saying: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  

As such. The Vancouver Catholic community must be made aware that their donations are being used to silence, harass and attack a good citizen who is also partially blind, middle-eastern and poor.
Have you ever wondered why there is a Theology on Tap in almost every city in the world except Vancouver?  That in itself is a huge red flag.
In 2015, the partially blind middle-eastern and poor man, tried to create a Theology on Tap community in Vancouver.  However when he shared his plans with Pavel Reid and his team, the middle-eastern man, instead of getting encouraged and supported, got attacked, threatened and was subjected to a smear campaign by Pavel Reid and his team.
In case you don’t know who Pavel Reid.  He is a high-ranking staff for the Vancouver Diocese. Here is a public picture of him below:
Pavel Reid enjoying his Scotch
Pavel Reid enjoying his Scotch
Pavel Reid and his disciples
Pavel Reid and his disciples
As we see he is quite happy with the ladies.
On the topic of ladies.  We are sure it is no surprise to you that Vancouver has hundreds of far-left political females who are not pro-life and don’t believe in Catholic definition of marriage.  Many of them are “Catholics” who have a strong influence and high-status.  When these far-left Catholic females found out that a traditional and orthodox Catholic Man was attempting to start a Theology on Tap in Vancouver they manipulated Pavel Reid to do their duty work.
The traditional and orthodox Catholic man became subjected to a smear campaign and was even threatened with “we will call the police on you.”  Which is not only scandalous but atrocious.  The stone throwers laid their cloak at the feet of Pavel Reid.
Which is why we had to go public.  Vancouver catholics are paying for his salary and for a stoning of a good and orthodox Catholic man.
To add insult to injury.  In June of 2020.  Again the orthodox and traditional Catholic man who is middle-eastern and partially blind, again became a victim of an atrocious attack in which Vancouver Catholic donors paid for with their own donations.  Which is why you must be made aware of the following incident below.
Saint Augustines Church in the rich West Side of Vancouver where rents are 1500 to 3000 a month has a “bible study group”.   You would think that it adheres to Catholic values and principles.

Unfortunately, Linda Arnold, a white anglo-saxon female, the administrator for Saint Augustines had the middle-eastern man offer thousands of dollars of services which she gladly accepted.  Such as:

  1. Website design and several months of maintenance (2500 dollars)
  2. Saint Augustines electronic newsletter development and weekly maintenance (1000 dollars)
  3. Photography and Video services on such as RCIA Easter event, Blessing of the pets event. (1000 dollars)
  4. Facebook social media development and management (1500 dollars)
The only payment that Linda Arnold paid was 100 dollars when the middle-eastern man transferred the Facebook page to her. That is it.
You would think that Father Andre and Linda Arnold would sent him a thank you letter but nothing.  What is even worse they abused and threatened him.
In June of 2020 when a middle-eastern man tried to join the Saint Augustines Church Bible Study, in the rich Westside of Vancouver instead of being welcome he was treated maliciously by Linda Arnold.  The orthodox and traditional Catholic man asked Linda on the phone why he was refused and rejected.  Instead of Linda providing an explanation or due process, Linda, like a Pharisee hung up on the his face.  The man who she received 1000’s of dollars of services.  Linda, like a narcissistic and malicious hostile feminist hung up on his face.
What is more atrocious and malicious is when the man who gave Saint Augustine’s church several thousands of dollars of free services attempted to contact the Pastor, Father Andrew, instead of Father Andrew replying, the sent a threatening and malicious, one-sided, self-serving threatening legal letter to the orthodox Catholic man.  With your money and your donations.
As such.  Going back to Pavel Reid who goes to that Rich Westside Church, either masterminded the malicious conspiracy or at best rubber stamped it and used your money to pay for it.
If that is not bad enough.  Pavel Reid, according to a few parishioners is engaged in a smear campaign against the middle-eastern man by contacting all the churches and slandering the middle-eastern man, warning the priests and religious that the middle-eastern man is not worthy of due process.
As such.  Please join us in asking the Bishop Miller to take immediate action regarding this witch-hunt and abuse of power.  Otherwise this will go to court and the public will be made aware.  The judge will be convinced that Bishop Miller should be summoned to be a witness in the upcoming civll case. Which again.  You will be paying for.

Action you must take:

Contact Father Andrew, Pastor of that Rich church in the westside.  Who is ok with turning Saint Augustines into a country club instead the Church of Christ

Pastor: Fr. Andrew

604.736.4455 ext 227


Contact Bishop Miller here


Contact Bishop Miller here

Today is the Feast of John the Baptist who was jailed and beheaded by a hostile female who had a good reputation and high statusAre you going to act or be lukewarm?

The man in the middle is the one threatened and abused




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